Best time to launch a new career

launch new career
launch new career

Best time to launch a new career


If you've recently left an unsatisfying position, and are a little stressed about the fact that your savings are not likely to last through to end March next year – take comfort. The experts based in HR jobs are likely to tell you that early 2024 is probably the very best time for you to look in earnest for a new role.

By Vanessa Rogers

In fact, say the team at Affirmative Portfolios, start by sprucing up your CV, cultivating healthy habits to rid yourself of the remnants of stress left over from the job you've left, and take time and care to make sure that every one of your public online portfolios portrays you in the best light to a respective employer.

This is not to say that you can't scan the best-in-class job boards from the get go – and even apply for any positions that resonate strongly with you over the holidays – but the important thing is not to panic before January comes around. Why? 

Because unexpected resignations at year-end will leave anyone in a senior HR job with little time to find a suitable new candidate  – meaning your application will likely be met with a great deal more enthusiasm than would have been the case if the company's HR manager had a desk, or inbox, overflowing with prospective CVs.

Tips to make your November and December count

Well, you're in the fortunate position to have savings to tide you over until next year – which means you don't need to find a part-time or filler job (say doing online tutoring, or in a garden centre) right away.

Instead, focus on getting sufficient sleep each night, meditating on where you'd like your career to take you, joining up for a sport or fitness pursuit  that you love, and tidying out your cupboard so you know what items of clothing may be lacking when it comes to a smart, corporate wardrobe.

Visit your closest and best stocked neighbourhood bookshop, and have a squizz for inspiring books on entrepreneurship, your chosen career line, and ways to conquer any challenges you may face in the future. This is the time to build yourself up, so avoid negative people, and treat yourself to little things here and there, according to what budget allows.

Do you have a coach or mentor whom you could invite out for a coffee, or drinks meeting? If so, make full use of the occasion, take a notebook and pen along (or your smartphone on record), and ask them to share any nuggets they have stored up that will encourage you in the months to come.

Returning to the notion of an employer-friendly online presence, make sure that the photo and blurb on each of your LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles portrays you in a professional and knowledgeable light. Retweet career-related insights, and even write a blog or two about something you feel strongly about.

Remember that most companies slow down to some extent in from mid December to early January, but this is no reason to hang back from making a list in a spreadsheet of companies you'd love to work for, and hiring websites that may prove useful come the New Year.

Each day, get up, do a gym workout, shower, get dressed and start on making small changes, as you work towards that one big break. It's going to happen.

Break a leg!